Welcome to the Biomoods Pre-Beta site

Last edit: October 7th 2020

A short paper describing BioMoods is available here.

A 5 minue video about BioMoods is available on YouTube.

And of course the beta web GUI is testable here.

Biomoods work has been on hold during Covid shutdown. My efforts have gone into a free public site, linkshare.link, for managing the many links that Covid shutdown brought - things like zoom, google docs, new Meetup and Facebook groups. I need this for my own sanity :-). Try it out! It's free to all, and very useful.

The GitHub repo now has a Technical Wiki - how to build & run the source code, some description of how the internal parts work together. Database Schema coming soon!

We have a slack workspace for brainstorming, and informal bug reporting. To join us there, send email to jbartas@gmail.com

We're looking for feedback of all kinds - Software bugs of course, but also anything that you find hard or unpleasnt to use. We'd also like to hear ideas for new features, listings, or suggestions for reworking language to stress wellness and vitality rather than "disorders" or "illness"

Beta Testing

There are several ways to report bugs:

To report bugs via the GitHub "Issues" system.

If you don't already have a GitHub account, Sign up (you can use the free plan) and send your user name to me, jbartas@gmail.com

Direct link to Biomoods "Issues" (link only works if you're already logged in to GitHub).

To join us at Slack: Biomoods Slack Workspace

When creating a GitHub account they will ask a lot about account options and what you want to do on GitHub. Your answers won't matter much for testing Biomoods. Finally, It will ask if you want to create a repository". You can if you want :-) but don't have to do this for Biomoods (we already have one). Once you get to that point, just email me your username and that you want to be a tester. This system works better if you stay logged into GitHub while we swap emails.

After I get that email, I'll add your name as a "collaborator" and you will get an email from github with the subject "jbartas invited you to jbartas/biovue". Click the "view invitation" button in the email and accept. (this is where being logged into GitHub helps) You are now an official contributor!

New issues

To report a bug, request, feature, or change, sign into GitHub. On the left side column click on the repository jbartas/biovue. Once there, click on "issues"

github issues tab

This will take you to the issues page. Use the green button on the right create your new issue.

Thank You!